Thursday, April 11


There are SO many things I have to do before tomorrow that I am sitting completely still.... Ever get that feeling? So overwhelmed by the to-do list that you cannot even get off the couch? Complete avoidance is usually my coping mechanism, but the hours are slowly drifting by.... so I thought I'd write a list. Lists help. Hopefully writing this list will inspire me to actually do something. Here goes nothing!
Things to do:
- get off the couch
- do some washing
              - grown-up clothes(including winter pjs)
              - kids clothes
              - nappies
- hang up all that washing
- try on my maternity jeans(because surely, of all my pants, I hopefully can still squeeze into my maternity pants??)
- make a name badge for my swap partner Holly(check out her blog)
- wrap her present
- sort out what crafty/sewing stuff I am going to take
- find my old country road bag
- collect all the stuff I need to pack
            - toiletries/make-up
            - craft stuff
            - clothes
            - what have I forgotten???
- put it all together and weigh it
- throw half of the stuff out and weigh it again
- sort out what stuff I am going to just take to the airport with me to stick in other people's suitcases
- write out a routine of things FR does, for my poor darling husband
- get my upper lip waxed(my 'stache is NOT coming to Christchurch with me, no matter how warm it keeps me)
- get some cash out for the bus
- get in all the washing and fold it
- tidy the house
- make dinner
- have a shower, wash my hair, take a sleeping pill

Ok that probably isn't even HALF the things buzzing round my head. Oh wait
- passport??? Or will my drivers licence do...

Right. That's my list. I think.
Getting butterflies now...

I am actually really anxious about meeting lots of people, living with people I've never met, and the little girl inside me keeps worrying that no one will talk to me, and I'll be left out, and I'll be a loser. sniffle sniffle. Time to put my big girl pants on, I'm a grown-up after all... aren't I?


Simoney said...

So awesome Rach! this made me laugh... I think we're ALL feeling like this, even those of us who've met a few peeps before.
And you have ME. I will not abandon you I promise (since I dragged you into it, after all...)

Rachel Osborne said...

ah Simone, you are all that stands between me and complete terror! :) I just remembered what I forgot to add to my list... moving a bunch of furniture around to make room for a giant hutch dresser from the inlaws.... thankfully moving furniture around is one of my coping mechanisms! see you at the airport tomorrow.... you and.your suitcase!

Cat said...

Don't forget to pack knickers! VERY important .. .. ..
See you tomorrow at Craft Fair and at Miriams

Breathe - it is all going to be ok

Leonie said...

Its all going to be ok, really really! Now go pack! See you soon!

nz green buttons said...

So great to chat to you today at C1! Hope you enjoyed the weekend! Louana

Jess B said...

Yes yes YES! I totally get this feeling! Hence why I left an hour late to get us to the airport on time on Friday - SO BAD! Man, the weekend was amazing, right?! I hope you did have a great time. It was so good to meet you and chat on Saturday night. yay for making new blogging friends! Wooooo!!

PaisleyJade said...

Don't forget to pack your wallet...

haha! I just looooved meeting you. You are such a super special, gorgeous lady. xoxo

Leonie said...

you totally rocked it Rachel. I would never have know of your nerves because you have an openness (and totally cool yellow hand bag) that makes you easy to get to know and like x

Max said...

I loved that yellow handbag too! Your happy, chatty disposition rendered any anxiety invisible from the outside. It was a pleasure to meet you darling x

Jen | said...

You seemed so nervous in this post, Rach! I wouldn't have had any idea during the weekend! You are such a lovely lady and so open and funny! I hope you enjoyed wee Christchurch, it was great meeting you :)

jacksta said...

ha Snap...I was going to the say same as Kristy.

See that cute little new face in your follows list...thats me. I'll try not to blog stalk you :)

Miriam said...

so nice to meet you. I just replied this to your comment but then realised you are no reply so here it is here instead :o)
Oh thanks so much!!! It was such fun to meet you too - sorry we didn't get to talk more. i spent the weekend admiring your funky style x