Wednesday, April 17

Loving Christchurch

I've been putting off this blog post, because I don't know where to start. Should I start at the beginning, when we got to the airport and I went to check in and realised I'd left my wallet at home? Should I write a tribute to the kindness of strangers, of money loaning and coffee buying and the strange feeling of being comforted and reassured by the presence of people I'd never met before? Should I instead talk about how inspired I am to take this blog to the next level, to make it more professional and aim for the stars - to actually believe that I could earn money one day from writing? I have no idea, and as you can tell, I can't even begin to put my thoughts down in a logical, readable way. So here instead are some photos.
I met so many amazing people, here are just a few:
(I was really worried about being in photos, and felt really yucky all weekend about all the photos of me appearing everywhere... but I worked hard on the last day to be brave and take some pics, and I'm so glad... and a bit sorry that I didn't get more pictures with people!)

My badge, made by the beautiful and hilarious Holly, bloggers on plane(like snakes on a plane), the room that I shared with Simone,
Bloggers panel, gorgeous embroidered name badge, bloggers snapping away,
AMAZING goodie bag, bloggers on a rooftop, bloggers bunting

Christchurch. There are no words. A strange juxtaposition of ruins and hope. The city looked wartorn, but felt fresh, new and hopeful. 

I really really want to write more, but I don't really know how. So that will have to do. This week I will hopefully update y'all on my mission to reduce our rubbish, homeschooling and some other stuff. Maybe some reviews of our favourite Japanese anime kids films? A list and description of my favourite new blogs? We'll see how the spirit moves me.... :P


Simoney said...

I LOVE your post.
You have summed it up simply and wonderfully.
Well done, YOU.
(PS so glad we got to hang all weekend.)

jacksta said...

BigLittle said...

Beautiful post - sorry we didn't get more of a chance to chat over the weekend - maybe next time?! Lisa x

Sammy said...

So great to spend time with you! And yes it was am amazing weekend xx

Leonie said...

Well done you for being brave and yay for the kindness of strangers and the hope of the city x

Max said...

was brilliant to meet you lovely lady, i shall be reading with interest everything you have to say :0)

PaisleyJade said...

I loved getting to meet you and hang with you Rachel! You are such a funny, stylish and beautiful girl. You rock!!

Leonie said...

It was lovely to meet you Rachel and I can't understand why you didnt want to be in photos!! You are gorgeous and hip and cool!!! (and have a stunning yellow handbag)

And keep writing, you are good at it. I cant even string the words together to write a post about the weekend. sigh.

Miriam said...

Great photos - even though I knew I wouldn't get to take any I am sad I don't have a camera full. I tried to reply to your Me Made May comment but you are currently no reply so here is the link
You should totally do it. People just do what suits them.... it's my first one and I'm super excited :o)

Jen | said...

It was great meeting you, Rach! That's so lovely of those who lent you money! :)

Re: the camera stuff, incase you forgot amongst all the other information overload, in the Canon range, get a camera which has 3 or 4 digits, these are the "entry" level cameras :) IS. 450D

Which is a few hundred on Trade Me: - You can get some a bit cheaper of course :)

And the 50mm:

Hope this has helped :)