Sunday, August 10

well come

HI! First blog ever - about me and the things that inspire me. . . in my mid twenties, living in mediocre suburbia(how I long for the country - or the seaside - anywhere but urban), with my beautiful children - Madeline is almost three and looks like an angel(looks can be deceiving), Lewis is 5 months, round and squat with a smile for anyone who even looks at him - and my amazing husband Joshua who puts up with my highest highs and my lowest lows, and keeps our madhouse together. We also have a cat, Dostoyevsky, named of course for the brilliant philosopher but to be honest is madder than all of us put together! At the moment he is the bane of my life, and I have to control my temper - very difficult.
In the craft side of my life, I am half-way between packaging and price tags(must look great but be functional - is it possible?) and knitting millions of funky baby mittens(not very functional but definitely looking hot), and my head is imploding with ideas! There are not enough hours in the day. ever. I have three possible sales opportunities in the next week - it doesn't rain but it pours. Can anyone sympathise? Had a bit of a creative drought while pregnant - with both children, then after a few months of un-pregnant state it starts to leak back, and then all systems go! Here is a little blurb from my recent application for a market, to give you an idea of what's going on:
"Alt. art jewellery using a combination of vintage, found and new materials; juicy baubles to satisfy the magpie within. This includes a range of resined buttons with collage art, as rings and necklaces, as well as a range combining deliciously bright china beads and vintage buttons, with chain, as earrings, bracelets and necklaces. Heart and Crafty also produces 'bebe' accessories, for example 'binky bling' to keep your dummy close in style, and 'funky fingers', knitted fingerless mittens for children from 1 to 5ish( I take commissions for big kids too!!!) In the pipeline at the moment, Heart and Crafty is working on a range of knitted bags, which are not yet ready for holding yet!!!"
Anyway, the knitted bag idea, as mentioned above, is still only in my head and I am panicking that I will forget my brilliant design before I get a chance to create a prototype! Of course I could always sketch it out, but I always hate when an art tutor makes you draw pages and pages of nothing before you can do the final product - too long a process for me, I get bored too easily!
Enough for today - this blogspot is still very much a work in process, but there should be pics soon, and also on the horizon a spot on the wonderful Etsy(always a source of inspiration). For now though, the local markets: Craftwerk in 4 days, and Silverdale market - so fun, in 'ye olde townhall' with the jars of preserves and dolls clothes, but also great handbags and a wonderful ceramics 'artiste' - and a 'flaunt' of my wares for the girls in a group that I have been attending - our last meeting, what will I do without my fellow 'crazy mums'? Feel free to contact me! xo

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