Thursday, December 10

12 Days of Craftmas

Ok so.... tis the season to not only be jolly, but remember those around the world who have less than us, who will not be gathered under a sparkling pine-scented tree, who will not sip mulled wine or sparkling grapetise, and who will not be tearing shiny paper off packages. We all know this, and it's always a challenge to think of new and interesting ways of giving or contributing... My official 12 Days of Craftmas will kick off tomorrow, featuring a new item(soft-toy/jewellery etc, made by moi) for sale every day. The item will always cost $30, and will be personalised to your request, eg a toy will have a name of your choice stitched onto its funky belly. This is the important bit:
$10 OF EACH $30 SALE WILL GO TOWARDS AN OXFAM DONATION to be made on Christmas Eve, the 24th.
Each day will provide two options for example tomorrow as day number one will feature a soft toy called Lulu, and a fabulous fabric necklace. Either of these can be purchased when you contact me, and they will then be packaged up in a lovely box or package yet to be decided, and then delivered to the address of your choice(within the Auckland area - outside of it and I shall have to post; I'm not Santa Claus!). You may choose to have the item sent to yourself or to a person of your choice, there are infinite options!
The aim is to raise at least $120 for Oxfam by Christmas: this may not seem like a large amount, but believe me, in bags of rice or the standard 'goat' currency, $120 will go far.
So.... keep checking everyday from tomorrow, for 12 days, to see if something takes your fancy. I will post the new item on facebook daily, as well as 'inviting' buttloads of people on facebook to this 12 day 'event'. Feliz Navidad!

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