Monday, December 21

On the 10th Day of Craftmas

My True Love and I eloped....

Unfortunately, an unforeseen and not entirely pleasant family issue has arisen for me over Christmas, and I need to cut out all unnecessary bits in order to prepare for the day.... which regrettably includes this.
To all those who have contributed, a HUGE thanks, you are wonderful and I hope you enjoy your goodies... To those who didn't get anything, but wanted to, feel free to text or message me about something you saw and liked. However I will not be able to make anything new for you before the holidays.
I will be arranging the money for our OxFam donation to hopefully go out on the 23rd, which is Wednesday, and once that's done I will be sending you contributors a little thank you note.
Feliz Navidad, and I genuinely hope that your Christmas's are calm, peaceful and full of love...

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