Wednesday, December 16

On Day-eth 6-eth:

My True Loveth Gaveth to me(eth):

Nautical Neck-Lace.. This little beauty is one of my favourites, will be hard to part with! The soft fabric tube is stuffed with lightweight poly-fill, and the pattern resembles tapa cloth - but in nautical blue and white. A jaunty, off-centre black bow completes the ensemble. As you can see from the pic, it looks absolutely stunning on, (but may look a bit funny when it arrives) and will draw lots of comments. Perfect for a summer afternoon on the yacht darling!

Remember that $10 from the $30 sale price is going towards an OxFam donation. Call or text me if you want to be the first to claim these awesome treats, 027 386 6520. Or email me on PRONTO!

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