Wednesday, January 13

Footnotes: A love affair with Fugly footwear

So I have not been creating much recently, but lots of ideas have been blossoming, including: making shoes!!! I am trying to simplify my life as much as possible at the moment( and suddenly this evening the thought crept on me that as obsessed as I am about shoes, secretly I actually want to wear hippy-dippy little soft leather moccasins in bright earthy colours. I hate to think about what this says about my personality and or sexuality…. but here are some hot little slippers I have been looking up on and I have some ideas forming in my head for making my own…..
handstitched boho
Since it’s summer at the moment, I would probably like a pair of these cuties…. from ‘JackHandmake’ on Etsy, they look comfy and soft but would allow some air to flow.
My sensible town shoes would look like this:
They look sturdy and practical, just like nanna would wear to church, but with a bit of native-american hippy dippy flair.
For padding around the house and shops I would want these babies:
golden plaid grey felt
The little golden plaids on the left are from ‘infusion’ ;
The grey felt slippers from ‘aikafeltworks’;
This next etsy find is exciting: not shoes, but a PATTERN for crocheting boots – i have a very very limited knowledge of crocheting, but it does say they are easy…
crochet pattern
Ok, so I probably couldn’t crochet these, but very inspiring in terms of knitting etc, and i adore the mis-matched vintage buttons..
And last but not least, every girl needs a pair of good running shoes that make you feel like high stepping it, even early in the morning, and these are my pick:
What more can I say… i heart moccasins.
The ideas are buzzing round my head, so I need to put pen to paper. Question for the interwebverse:
What fugly thing do you secretly adore?
PS: Have finally listed some stuff on, have a look at my store:

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