Wednesday, May 9

'Autistic' Books, Part One: Their highs and lows...

Firstly, a couple of notes:
- I recieved a nice apology from the bank. In hindsight(yay for hindsight!) it was of course not about the bank, or the unfortunate bank teller, but about me having the courage to speak up. 
- I have been wondering why I blog... Why indeed? Hardly anyone reads it, but is that really the point? Blogging has been described as online narcissism, which is true to a certain extent, but I guess my intention is to express and thus store my experiences online, with or without a reader, and if someone stumbles across it and finds it helpful or thought-provoking or interesting or annoying, then so much the better! 
- I love doing book reviews. Who doesn't? Someone gives you a book, you read it and then rejoice in chewing it up and digesting it thoroughly. But no one pays me, or even lets me volunteer to read and criticize books(is there a book-review charity? Wouldn't that be great?)... Yet I have decided that I will do them nevertheless. Just to add to the virulent spewing schizophrenic creature that is this blog. 
So. Over the next couple of days I will post up a couple of book reviews, of books I've just read. One good, one bad. 
     These were handed to me to read because they're 'autistic' books. You know, testimonies, tomes, and autobiographies that involve an autistic person, or are written by an autistic person, or by someone with autistic children, or by someone who has once seen an autistic person in a movie. The books themselves are not autistic, although some are definitely lacking in communication skills, socialization, realistic perspective etc. And because I am a person who has Autistic Children(or rather, I am a person who has/gets to hang out with Rather Lovely children who have autistic spectrum disorder), I must be interested in these books.
Also please note(WARNING! WARNING!) these are books with a God slant.
      To be honest, I have been avoiding Autistic Books for quite a while. At first, after the diagnoseses I devoured them. I read books left right and centre. Good books, bad books, credible books, rubbish books, just plain wacky books. And of course the internet. Which is like a library except for some reason you find the wacky books turn up wayyy faster... Anyway, after a while I was burnt out and travel-weary, and didn't want to learn or know anything more. Because you can't judge a book by it's cover, you have to read them all, and it can be an emotional roller-coaster of hope and despair, fantasy and disbelief. Too much.
     But these were handed to me to read, by a person who knows me and had read them herself. It seemed a fair enough ask to dip into these new potential treasures.
     If you want to read them yourself, you may. One was called 'Unlocked', and it was a Christian novel by Karen Kingsbury. Not to spoil the ending, but I had never read any of her books previously, and, well, I may not attempt any more. The other was called 'Love, Tears & Autism'(which to me, as a title, doesn't really roll off the tongue) by Cecily Paterson. I will in fact be recommending this book(read: forcing to read) to those who are close to our family but seem to not 'get' the situation. You know, the really lovely family or friends who love us to bits, but frankly think I just blow this stuff out proportion. Because, let's be honest, I do do that voodoo sometimes...
      So those will be reviewed hence-forth, but I thought I'd stop now so that pure length will not put off those two or three people I know for certain read this from ever attempting to read this blog again. Or indeed, that last sentence.



kiwimedievalist said...

*hugs* Have I mentioned that you have a great writing style? I think you should start writing a book about autism.

(And, you know, I teach writing at uni, so I know what I'm talking about!)

whatthesquirrel said...

Just leaving a comment to say that I love that your blog is in Courier this time.
None of this mainstream variable-width font nonsense!
Hipsters for Monospace!

Rachel Osborne said...

Thanks KR, you're lovely! And yes, I am DESPERATE to write a book about autism. When you can't find the book you need, write it! Tell me how I can start! And thanks for the font-compliment squirrel, I thought you'd like it!