Sunday, August 4

Unschooling, Formula and Faith: 10 Things I Wish You Knew

It's so much easier to put things up on a blogpost that is available for anyone all over the world to read, and yet I cannot say these things out loud, even to near and dear friends. Here are some slices of truth that I am always too afraid to just tell people, but wish they knew anyway.

1 - I have and may always have, a mental illness, but I genuinely believe that I am still entitled to a full and amazing life, with children and goals and a career and anything I want!

2 - I am a committed Christian who struggles to belong to a Church, because I believe in evolution and because I believe the way the Church treats the LGBT community and other minorities is unethical and un-Christ-like.

3 - I am an advocate of unschooling. If you ask me how 'homeschooling' is going, don't be surprised to see me blush, stammer and try to change the subject. I don't know anyone else who is unschooling, so it is at times lonely and frightening. Please don't arrest me, or take away my children.

4 - I am a staunch feminist, and yet I am sometimes so ashamed of how hairy I am that I struggle to leave the house.

5 - My kids play on the computer or XBox for HOURS at a time, and yes, I permit it and yes, they are learning stuff from it.

6 - I have tattoos and piercings, and I plan to get more. I love them. Deal with it.

7 - I am a hippie and I parent my children gently and I am a homebirth advocate and yet I am also a proud and Fearless Formula Feeder, and were I to have more, I would feed them formula too.

8 - I love blogging, and writing, but I also feel like it's just one more arena in life in which to feel isolated, alone or left out.

9 - I say rude or inappropriate things at times, because I am trying SO hard to hide the fact that I am hurting.

10 - I may love you dearly, but I have zero energy to spend time with you.

Do you find it easier to write things down than to say them? What do you wish I knew about you? Thanks so much for stopping by! Love and hugs


Simoney said...

Oh I learnt some things about you! thanks so much for writing it own (and I agree SOOOO much easier writing than TALKING.)
Luv you pink, tattooed, pierced (hairy?) feminist Christian unschooler!

kimberlee said...

after years of fraaaaaaannship, I think I already knew most of these things. and olive you! It is so hard to say things sometimes, though since we are afraid people would run away screaming.

meg said...

I love that you are a fearless formula feeder. I planned to breastfeed and struggled endlessly and felt so guilty about formula feeding... yet I enjoyed the bottle feeding and therefore motherhood so much more. I like your pink hair too.