Wednesday, December 10

one sleep

Hooooray! Just one more sleep till the fantastic craftwerk reoccurs! Isn't it wonderful that I have sold hardly anything recently so have lots of stock already and sorted out. Hopefully I won't suddenly stress tomorrow afternoon and decide to reinvent my price tags or anything ridiculous like that. Actually that's exactly what I plan on doing! So all two people who read this will be glad to hear that my order is finally done and dusted! What a relief. I made the pendants a la resin button style, and then wrapped them in the leatherette tonight when they had finished drying! Such a mission with the resin buttons because the width of the diameter strip is thinner, and the smooth curviness of the button and resin domes, which all combines to half an hour per pendant of sticky fumbly fingers trying desperately to gain some purchase as the glue dries, while attempting to position the wire loops around the diameter exactly in the centre of the strip and tighten them before the glue dries too much . . . eek! If reading that sentence made you tired, imagine how I feel!
So anyway, I am glad that I had some little difficulties that sent me up the wall, because it answered some questions I hadn't yet asked, and pushed me a little. I also have made some boundaries in what I do in orders, this one was always going to be tricky because the lovely woman who ordered it did so after seeing a special one off pendant that I did for Josh's mother, so I had to basically repeat that exactly. It was a challenge, which means it was difficult to get my mind round at the time, and I whinged a bit, as you all know, but now I have come out the other side I have more craft-wifery to show for it all. Or something. Bleugh. I know how to spell that now after reading Stephen Fry's blog. What a brilliant mind that man has.
So now, to craftwerk - yippee! I don't even mind if I don't make much, heck I'd be happy to give stuff away, I just want all of this stock OUT! So I can start all my new ideas.
one sleep to go.

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