Monday, August 24

spring springeth

So I was just scoping the broad interwebs and looking at some great blogs which I am going to follow(thank you Megan and others for suggestions: please tell me anyone if you think you know a blog I would like!), and squeezing my toddler, Lewis, who is the incarnation of spring: His cheeks are just slightly rouged with a touch of the softest rose, his sugary curls invoking images of swirls of creamy icing, and his little red lips the perfect bow shape, slightly open to show small pearls of calcium proudly poking through. And his eyes are looking particularly blue, not a dark deep ocean blue, but the lightest, flirtiest duck-egg blue. And in my garden the citrus trees are heavy-laden with vibrant fruits; I am still amazed that anything survives in my 'garden of death', but the brave oranges, and so-cheery daffodils and freesias carpeting the banks - also a weed of some variety with sweet purple blooms that I will not destroy - yet ...
so Spring springeth, and my inspiration is soft creamy girly lacy cupcake joy. Photos coming soon!
Don't forget, The Party Initiative, you can host a night of jewellery happiness in your own neck of the woods: see below!


kate said...

i can attest to the loveliness of the spring flowers from your garden. we need to talk about my PARTAY!

Unknown said...

lewis = pan