Friday, August 21

Deliciously Trivial

So to completely jump away from the dark and gloomy, let's focus on what Heart&Crafty is actually supposed to be about: Jewellery! Yes, deliciously trivial, a way to lift your spirits on a gray day, to show people who you really are: by simply placing something around your neck or on your finger that was made lovingly by hand, that says: I'm a little bit crazy, and a whole lot beautiful because of it!
So: Introducing the official pre-apre-launch of The Party Initiative, or TPI as I'll be calling it from now on. TPI, on a very basic level, is about seeing the goods before you buy them, but it's really so much more; as the blossoming of internet sales starts to mature do you feel like it's a slightly impersonal procedure, perhaps clinical, not meeting those other needs that us jewellery-lovers(be they man or wo-man) tend to have? As someone who sells her 'babies' online, it can be somewhat an uninspiring process, and I miss the heady days of actually seeing customers faces as they fall in love with a piece that they will never be able to live without.
And as global recession grips everyones fevered imaginations, it has been noted across the board that people are turning, slowly but surely, to the HOME life. In our fear of losing the monies that we love, we are tending to stay home, to seek relationship, and to meet together in informal gatherings to bolster each others spirits, reminding each other that all we need is what we already have. So with this all in mind, TPI is anti-the internet process, anti-elitism, anti-high.speed visa transations. It's like tupperware, but less globalisation and pyramid scheming, and more hands-on, friendly customer service.
This is what it entails: You choose to join up as TPI host. This is not a long-term commitment, but a jump into the pond. Together with me, your friendly jewellery-designer/crafter, you create a date for your Par-tay. All the details will be easily taken care of - who to invite, what to provide etc. Now, read carefully my friends: There are NO minimums, or lower limits. NO minimum numbers of guest, it could be just you and your nanna. NO minimum sales: your host-credit is $25 H&C, whether anyone buys anything or not. You deserve this, and I would pay at least that in commission or in fees on a website. NO minimum of location(this may not make sense): if it's at YOUR house, and you are inviting YOUR buddies, no one will care what it looks like, how clean the carpet is or whether you offer instant coffee or a full cheese board. ALl I need is some space for my tables & a mirror for people to check their fancy selves out in.
There ARE bonuses however: firstly, if you have more than 10 people in attendance, your host-credit will jump to $35: more than 15 = $45 and so on. Also, if you are one of the first people to sign up to host a party, you will automatically recieve a complimentary pair of earrings, as a little thanks from me for believing in this crazy scheme.
So - are you interested? All you need to do is email me, post a comment with your details, or text me, or of course use Ye Olde Tele-phone.
And remember this: TPI is not an elitist scheme. In keeping with the principles of Heart&Crafty, there will always be an option to bargain, haggle or trade goods. And there will always, ALWAYS be a bargain table. Everyone deserves to feel gorgeous in some of my goods. Bake me a cake, make me an offer.
TPI: join now!

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kate said...

Oh honey you know I'm in!!