Sunday, December 13

On the Third Day of Craftmas..

My True Love gave to me:

Gold, Frankincense & Myrrh: This stunning little pendant is entirely original, and quite unique. Featuring an image of three precious looking bottles, you will be sure to get comments on this baby! Perfect for that very-hard-to-be lady friend/relative or to treat yourself in crazy season!


Georgie Boy softie: Lulu's younger brother doesn't have very good role models in his life but he has a heart of gold, and deep down is just a softie! Take him home and give him some guidelines, or just snuggles. A word or phrase of your choice can be stitched on his belly.

Remember that $10 from the $30 sale price is going towards an OxFam donation. Call or text me if you want to be the first to claim these awesome treats, 027 386 6520. Or email me on PRONTO!

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