Monday, December 14

Day Quattro

Rings for my ears and, well, rings for my ears...

To cheer us all up on a Monday, it's cheap bargain day here at the 12 days of Craftmas! EVERYTHING IS ONLY $15, $5 OF WHICH GOES TO OXFAM, so see how many bits and pieces you can snap up for prezzies!
So hold on to your pants, here we go...
Pumpkin Pie Earrings: these danglies are dramatic, heavy, crazy, unique, and really really orange! A ceramic bead paired with mis-matching vintage buttons, a length of chain, ta da! Approx 8 cm long...
Mermaids & Fairies Earrings: Soft blue line drawings from a classic Peter Pan book show a mermaid's tail, and a wee fairy, possibly Tinkerbell herself but this is unconfirmed. The image is behind an acrylic disc of about 4mm thickness, wrapped and brown leatherette, these are truly precious.
Little Boy Blue Ring: A sweet little profile, complete with a ski-jump nose. The base is a bright blue button, the image has been resined for a dome effect and the ring is adjustable.
Softly Softly: A slumbering babe, with curls to spare. The base is a red glass tile, the image has been resined for a dome effect and the ring is adjustable.
Merry Boy-Child: last but not least, your very own yoghurt-smeared toddler. What could be more festive? He is merry, has rosy cheeks, a cheeky glint, small rosebud lips and a cute button nose, and he can be yours for two hours, for the low price of $15. Renting this little bundle of fun is not only helping to raise funds for OxFam, but will help a desperate mother have a couple of quiet hours to achieve things. :P

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