Tuesday, January 19

It’s the small things in life…

Now I know that I have always been into big chunky jewellery that makes a ridiculous statement simply how strong your neck is to support such things … I always thought small little pendants and earrings were too dainty, too middle-aged, and disappeared in an overall outfit. But something about small things is turning me on…. Thus my latest greatest range is entitled ‘Petite’, and it’s got your name all over it baby! Using all second hand and pre-loved pieces of jewellery, even recycled findings where possible, this range is all about re-loving and resurrecting, and reconstructing. Everything is small and sweet, as light as a whisper on your skin: perfect for the filthy hot weather we’ve been having. Check it out:
DSC05134 This last little beauty is an example of the minute details and intricate design: vintage chain, with a glorious little vintage button (mother-of-pearl/gold) from my grandmothers collection(of course!)
The other thing I have also been creating, and experimenting with, is cake stands! Not big, plate size ones, but small, petite vintage saucers and cognac glasses, fixed securely into towers. Perfect for wrapped lollies, chocolates or the best: strawberries!!! A tea-cup placed on the top would be the perfect thing to pour warm chocolate into….
DSC05157 And here’s a glimpse of me making them – by candlelight! It actually worked out really well because the candle flames were flickering, so I constantly had a gentle moving glow to highlight different bits and pieces, I think I just need more candles!
Now, don’t forget the possibility of throwing a jewellery(and cake-stand!) party, the cause for the next couple of months is Haiti, so anything purchased at a party between now and the end of March will have 30% of it’s price going towards a donation to Haiti.
Remember the little things in life…

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