Sunday, July 22


Well, I have a couple of announcements; not big, in the grand scheme of things, but announcements all the same.
1 - I will be renaming the blog
2 - I will be redesigning the blog/webpage(well Josh will, I will be ordering him around and adding totally unhelpful comments and asking non-geek questions)
3 - I am going to try doing craft markets again. Yay! 

     So, more details. I will be naming this blog "Heart & Crafty", which is the name under which I have been selling crafty stuff for about 6 years; previously it was Penelope Sugar. I will continue to blog about parenting & personal stuff, because the "Heart" represents all my passions which include, family, gender equality, size equality, world peace etc as well as the arty side of things. I find these things difficult to separate in my head, because they are fed by the same river inside. How poetic! I have struggled a bit with the idea of using my craft name, because at the moment, it has been used in many other places by other people(totally not suggesting they are copying me, they have never even heard of me I am sure), but it is a name which newcomers might feel is un-original and naff. Therefore, I am still open to changing the name of my brand and blog. My thought are either "Heart & Crafty", or go back to "Penelope Sugar", or "The Craft Buffalo" or shortened "Craft Buffalo". 
    I Would loooooove some feedback on this... but have been made aware by a reader(yay! Another reader!) that it can be difficult, nigh impossible to post comments on this blog. Weird. I shall get my tech support to look into this promptly. However, I will share this on the Book of Faces, and then hopefully you will ALL read this and comment on the said Book of Faces as to your preference/ideas. Ta. Nota Bene - I am devising a competition around voting for your favourite new/old name, so keep your little furry ears pricked.
     Re the re-design - well I know I already did that recently, but it was late at night, and our internet was running at 1/1000th of it's usual speed, and there were limited templates available etc etc. So I will be doing some drawing and illustrating over the next week, and making my husband make it actually internet pretty. Cool.    
   Re number 3 on the agenda, markets, yes will it can be really hard to get into these markets so I will start making attempts at applying. If you have contacts in the craft market world, lean on them for me. :) It can be really discouraging and depressing(which is why I gave up for, like, 2 years!!!) but I will try to plough on never-the-less.
  Alright, re the competition. 
Win this baby, a little over a centimetre long, on a delicate silver or brass chain(your choice). Details as follows.

To win this little pendant, the remaining unsold piece of my woodland collection, all you have to do is-
Go to my Heart & Crafty facebook page. If you haven't already done so, Like It. Like it Good. Comment on this post with your naming preference. That's it. 
Extra entries for: Sharing my page with your friends and for Subscribing to my blogpost. 
So you could enter once, or twice, or thrice. I shall keep my watchful eyes on you. 

Thus ends announcements.



Bex Tinted Dreams said...

Penelope Sugar! So cute :) - Bex Argar

Rachel Osborne said...

Thanks bex!

Kirsten said...

I remember coming up with Penelope Sugar with you many years ago! I really love Craft Buffalo too!

Kirsten said...

Love your little makeover project too! My bedroom is in SERIOUS need for some lovin!

Rachel Osborne said...

Hah Kirsten, I remember it well... thanks for your comments xx