Friday, December 21

Box City

Do you have shoeboxes lying around? I do. Confession: I hoard them. I had about 6 from the last two years from Josh and I. Grab those shoeboxes, and make something pretty:
wrap the box base and lid separately in brown paper - or patterned, whatever, it's your box.
you'll need to use a glue stick. I stole the kids ones. It worked better than sticky tape or pva.
once you've covered your box, jazz it up with all those scraps of ribbon you've been hoarding all year.  Use PVA  to  stick on some cute buttons - you know, all those spares you collect that come with your shirt? Yeah, who's laughing now!?

Now you have boxes to put your presents in. And if your gift-receiver has any common decency, they'll cherish the box the gift came in as much as the gift itself. Especially if the gift is just more handmade crap. 
There you go. You've got Christmas wrapped. Har har har. You're welcome!


Cat said...

I DO collect buttons off shirts! I really do ;)

Rachel Osborne said...

haha I knew it!

zcat_abroad said...

I am certainly appreciating the box! I'm using it to store this year's Christmas decorations, as I have been adding slightly to my previous years.