Sunday, December 2

Weekend Joy

In my effort to be more bloggy(that's a word, right?) I'm starting a few different regulars, and one of them will be "Weekend Joy". Because I love the weekend, I love the chance to relax and do things that I may have been planning all week but never had the time to, and the chance to reflect on the week and the things I liked - or didn't like! I am often a Negative Nelly(that's a thing, right?), so I am going to try and focus on the GOOD bits. That doesn't mean my life is all rosy, and it's not meant to make you feel like crap if you didn't have a good week. I'm sorry if it was a crapper. Hugs. So here is my "Weekend Joy", a collection of favourite things from the last week. Enjoy.

* Loud Fist Sucking. Yes, it's a baby thing. It's like fist-bumping, but you do it to yourself, possibly also in a congratulatory appreciatory way. Like, yeah, I'm enjoying how awesome I am right now. The loudness is important, it has to be loud and proud.
* Triangles. This is my beautiful Cheek Pinchy ring. It's geometry gives me great joy. Apart from the triangle corners, which were always going to be pointy, it's super comfortable to wear, with a wide, flat adjustable band. It matches my awesome Cheek Pinchy earrings, which you can see in the next picture. I get so many comments on them! I'm wearing them almost every day. Cheek Pinchy's creator Kirsten is a dear friend of mine, and rather clever to boot. You can find her at all the good craft markets, in lots of shops, on Felt, and on Facebook. Yay Kirsten!
* My new gold shirt. Isn't it just? I got some vouchers for my birthday, yay! So I bought a few things that I wouldn't usually be able to afford. I don't think this shirt is actually made of gold, but it feels like it, comfy, soft and stretchy, and very shapeless, yay! Unfortunately it is hand-wash only, but I intend to wear it every day, so I just won't wash it. I won't be clean, but damn I'll be shiny! PS note my cute earrings?
 *Last but not least, my kiddies. It was really sunny and beautiful yesterday, and the two big kids romped through the yard, and then I got Maddy to hold Frida-Rose so I could put the tinsel up in the Pohutakawa tree. Ah, summer. Ah, Christmas. 
What are some great things you have done or had or bought or seen this week?

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Cat said...

Hi Rachel
SO wonderful to meet you and your darling daughter yesterday . .

Here is the link to the Auckland Bloggers

Dinner out I was thinking the 12th January ? ? ?

Right I'm off to try catch up on 2 weeks worth of no blog reading . . . .

Cat x