Sunday, December 2

Life So Far

Well good grief it is the second of December! Shut the front door! And I have been desperate to write lots of stuff, but didn't know where to start. So, I'm going to do a recap of the last few months really quick, because I want to show you my Christmas bunting(sounds dirty don't it), and I can NOT just jump in and show you the afore-mentioned bunting without at least mentioning that I gave BIRTH to my beautiful third child, Frida-Rose. She is an angel of delight. So, here is the low-down:
On Friday the 28th of September(which is coincidentally my big brothers birthday), we welcomed the teeny tiny Frida-Rose Lovelace into our family. She was born in our spare room, in a giant blow-up pool, with my midwife Sharon and my aMAzing husband Josh present. My other kids Madeline and Lewis were in the lounge, and upon hearing her joyful arrival, they raced in and showered some love on her. It was glorious. I will write down my birth story. But not today.
This is me and my bubs. We are celebrating Gay Red Shirt Day, which was to raise awareness of how our language affects those around us, for example, describing someone's red shirt as 'gay', meaning totally lame and girly.
Obama won!!!! And the rest of the world sighed in relief. My tootsies joined in the celebration.
I had my birthday. It was lovely. I am now 29, although I only feel about 21... Josh gave me this gorgeous framed Amigurami Deer-head. It's so cute don't you think?
In honor of me ageing, Josh cooked a fantastic dinner, and my brother, sister and sister-in-law all came. It was so nice to dress up and act like grown-ups and decorate the table and drink amazing wine and talk wisely....
So that's the last few months, kinda zoomed through. You're welcome.

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