Saturday, March 2

Bloggers Unite!

    So one thing I have been VERY remiss in writing about is the fact that I'm going away to a Bloggers weekend... kind of a meet and greet, a few workshops etc... in Christchurch(where I've only been once I think). There are a few reasons I've put off the writing of this. One reason is that I am so embarrassed that I am so bloggy illiterate. I'm a total novice, and don't even know how to put the 'buttons' on my page without step-by-step instructions. I am blushing as I write this, and because I'm tired and because I hate to be embarrassed(brings back lots of memories of being a loner and/or loser at school) I actually feel some sneaky tears welling up. I am SO out of my depth here. I don't know how to 'Link-In' jackshit. I am very bad at keeping up with other bloggy friends latest posts, which is very rude in blog-land. And I feel rather terrified about going away for the weekend with people that I've never met(ok I've met one or two, who actually read my blog, holla!), on a plane, where I'll then be hoping to be picked up by another person I've never met, and then I'll meet a bunch more people who Know How to Blog.
    I've been writing on a blog for at least five years now, yet I still don't know how to properly do it. I just started it to showcase the jewellery that I made, and then as a personal diary. Somewhere along the way I started reading everyone elses blogs, and realised that I wasn't quite on to it. I didn't know there were buttons! My husband made the page for me! I didn't know about sharing stuff and linking to other people's blogs! And now I'm going to a conference for bloggers! I'm not a blogger. I'm just a mum who writes a lot.
    I guess I am hoping that I'll actually learn some great tools for blogging, but the problem is, I suspect I don't even know enough of the basics to understand what people are going to talk about. Tears welling again. I'm such a baby. I really am excited about going to this weekend. But I also have no idea what I am doing. And I care about that, because I care about this blog, and I love writing, and I would love for it to turn into a proper blog.
    Stay tuned, I'll let you know if I suddenly figure out this stuff. In the meantime, I know how to send you to the Bloggers Connected site to have a look see. See what I did there? I linked to it. I know how to do that at least...


Leonie said...

Rachel! Wipe away those tears! Seriously! You dont have to know how everything works to be a "blogger". You blog for you and do your thing and your blog is what you want/need it to be. Nuff said. I cant write to save myself but Ima gonna blog regardless! Many of us are going just for the people and to have a great time - really truly. Dont worry about the rest - just have a good time x

Sammy said...

I can barely make a button myself. I blog because I love it not because my blog looks cool or I am trying to be a writer or for many followers. I have met some of the kindest and nicest women through blogging, including you! I am going to Chch to hang out with these women (including you) and may not even make any of the workshops. There's an option to just hang out and I am taking that route. I am not in the head space for more to be honest. I want to go and crochet and be with women who are lovely, and this includes you! Be with me if your are feeling a little lost and if you like we can be roomies or such like xxxx

Rachel Osborne said...

You guys are the nicest! I'm looking forward to hanging out with yoU!!!

Widge said...

Hey Rachel! Finally found your blog :)
You are the Rachel that is staying at the hotel as a group yeah? Cos I am staying there too!
And I have no clue about fancy blog stuff either (and frankly no interest to learn) so ill definitely be hanging with the peeps who just want to meet and chat :)
Looking forward to the apartment antics the most to be honest ;)
See ya in a few weeks x