Monday, April 8

Orange Peels and Eggshells

Sooo this post on composting has been very delayed, and is not even really a post on composting at all! It's more of a place-holder. These are the things I have done on the composting front:
- well, used more food, and made more food scraps.... so IF I was composting, we'd be, ya know, turning the soil and stuff. Or whatever it is that composters do.
- I got out a couple of books from the library - children's books, no less, with titles like 'Where do my Food Scraps go?'. I thought that the children's section would be a better place to start, what with my complete LACK of knowledge about this subject... and when I've glanced at 'grown-up' books on this topic and other garden-related subjects, it's all claimed to be easy to do yourself, but then it explains the process in very gardener-y language... not helpful!! But unfortunately, these children's books were not much more helpful. They informed me that composting is, indeed, a thing you can do with your food scraps. Insert full-colour snapshot of someone's rubbish heap. Sooooo helpful. There was a children's book, according to the librarian, on how to make your own composting system, but it was out. So that was that(my library clumsiness, and inability to use public facilities that any child could access would make for a whole OTHER post....).
- I asked a few people I know some questions. But picked bad times for both of them! Sorry peeps! No info to be had there....
- I looked at my yard. Hard. I looked at my yard hard. Picked a good spot. Why this spot? For some reason I naturally toss dead flowers in one particular spot. However, I may need to change my location, because, as my F-I-L reminded me, rats. So yeah, apparently as FAR from where humans live as possible.
- I researched a few different composters,  online and at the garden shops. They're all pretty pricey, as far as I can see... I was going to try and review some, but really, my heart's obviously not in it.
- I was then offered a free, un-used composter from my parents-in-law, who are moving house soon. They use a worm farm now, and love it.
-  I said yes.
- RE worm farms, we had one. We made too many scraps for our measly 1000 tiger worms. And then, it blew over in a storm, and they all got away, the sods! 'Never trust an animal you can't train', as They say. Or something.
This is as far as I have got with this mission to reduce waste and reuse organic matter. The parents-in-law will deliver the composter sometime next week, and then, maybe, I can ask them how the heck I can use it/!?! Who knows.
Stay tuned for more in my mission to save the planet. Coming up(hopefully, sick bubba allowing), how I threw a party for my 5 yr old and had hardly any rubbish afterwards, and my ideas on reducing our use of packaging. Hooray! Also, this week(the posts will be flying thick and fast), a couple of exciting product reviews and the such like. Double hooray!
bye now

PS I used a cloth nappy overnight. It didn't leak, and in the morning I popped it into a bucket of cold water and ran quickly back before all the lethal gases could leak out and burn my eyeballs. I will have to go back and address it sooner or later!


Leonie said...

Am really interested in hearing about how you go and your findings as it's something we would love to give a go!

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Rachel Osborne said...
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Rachel Osborne said...

one more test