Wednesday, June 12

Party Time!!

   You might remember a while ago on this blog I hosted a wee giveaway with some of Penny Scallan's great goodies, which Tina won - yay Tina!! I love giving stuff, and thanks to Stuck on You we have another super-duper giveaway.

   Now, if you are a Pinterest user, or indeed have your head screwed on at all, you will know that increasingly nowadays the pressure to throw the perfect party is ON!

 If you follow me on Pinterest, you'll know that every time we have a party coming up, I'm trawling the depths of the interwebs, looking for inspiration. In fact, I found so many great ideas and pictures that I made a board for grown-up parties as well, which I look at occasionally and wonder whether this will be the year that I actually have a party - for ME!!

Maybe this will be the year...

   But personally, despite my best intentions, I end up dreading the party season, and wracking my brain as to where to find all the ingredients necessary to make the perfect party.

Oh Pinterest, you are a cruel mistress!

 Well the clever chooks at Stuck on You have got help at hand, with their new range of super-cute personalised Party goodies. And we get to have a little sneak peek!

Pirates and Dinosaurs - Woohoo!

They've got your invitations covered, as well as personalised labels for all the food and goodies - totally solving the problem of goody bags(Goody bags are my nemesis!).

Pretty in Pink

The personalised drinking cups are so cute! And the little straw-toppers - fun! Maybe I really should have a party for myself! My all-time favourite has to be the red and white polka-dots though, seriously sweet!

The best news of all is that one lucky reader will win a $25 voucher to grab some of the goodies from the Party Range! Yay! Thanks Stuck On You!

 To enter, comment either below or on my Facebook page telling me about your best party memory, from either a party you had for yourself or for your kids. You have until Thursday evening, 7 pm, to enter.

Good luck, and God speed.


Kelly @ Kiwi Womens Style said...

I love birthday parties. My favourite kids party so far has to be the zoo themed one for my eldest boys 3rd. I always dress up and so do the boys - this year he was a lion, the baby was a zebra and I was a panther! Animal races in the backyard with toddlers are so fun. xx

kimberlee said...

well count me out as i need no party voucher but my best birthday involved a pinata and paper dolls as party favours. I was 8 I think. it was so much simpler in those days. :)