Tuesday, July 2

Energy + Make-Up = Win

    I feel intimidated by people with energy. People who go out at night, or socialise at night. People who, like me, have babies, and yet have inspiration, ideas... and the all important self-motivation to go through with things. You scare me, people. You make me feel anxious. You make me feel tired, and then feel guilty/lazy/crabby that I feel tired. Seriously? People who put on make-up everyday. Like, not just a slather of mascara to distract from the dark under-eye circles, nor that vital last-minute swipe of balm when you realise that whole swathes of dry skin are crunchy chewy falling from your tender lips. I've seen you, people. You get up in the mornings and have a shower. Like, everyday. And you cleanse tone moisturise and then apply MAKE-UP?!?! How can I not feel intimidated by that, I ask you? And let me guess, you probably use deodorant. Like, lady deodorant. I can tell just by looking at you that you didn't run out of roll-on a week ago and then just start using Man Deodorant. You probably brush your teeth twice a day. I feel intimidated by you. And yet, oddly inspired.
   If, dear reader, you actually identify with me, rather than, you know, those OTHER people, read on.
Here's some inspiration for me, and for you other squalor-loving bottom-dwelling scum, from the ever-helpful Youtube:
- Sharon Farrell shows you how to put make-up on when you feel like crap and everyone keeps asking if you're ok....
- The same lovely lady goes further to inspire us with how to look pin-up glam. Yes, aim high, friends, aim high.
- Here's the gorgeous wee Talia with her Covergirl demo on Ellen, for a fancy-schmancy going-out-at-night look .. because IT JUST MIGHT HAPPEN YOU NEVER KNOW

Yes, those looks are pretty magniflorious, and not your everyday-face look, but sometimes it can help to just peep at the horizon with your tired wee droopy eyes and see a beam of light... of hope...
And maybe, just maybe, if I did apply some amount of make-up to my splotchyscratchypaledotty skin in the morning, or take some similar steps to nurturing and caring for myself, I might feel a little better about the day? Or even want to do things in the twilight hours?

Your thoughts? To paint your face, or not, and why? Do you have any little morning rituals to brighten the spirit?


Kelly @ Kiwi Womens Style said...

I totally can relate to this. Especially in those earlier days when I knew that what ever I put on was going to get spewed/pooed/drolled on anyway.

Tinted moisturiser is the answer for me now. I have terrible skin, and Garnier oil free covers up the worst of it and helps me face each day :)

Earrings help a bit too xo

Jess B said...

Get up in the morning and have a shower? Every day?! I remember a time, way back in my dimmest memories (pre-children) when I did that. Nowadays I check the hair - if it's passable, a bit of water can tame it, otherwise it's a (awful-looking, make-me-look-fat) pony tail. If I have managed a shower in the morning - a great morning! - I'll put on eye liner and mascara so that I don't get a hundred people asking me if I'm tired. Usually I'm lazy enough at night to not wash my face (a travesty, I know!) that my 'make-up' does another round the next day! Oh how the mighty have fallen. ;) You are not alone, my friend.

Jess B said...

Oh yes, and people with energy? They intimidate me too, and make me feel guilty that I don't do more with my kids. Though I would never say so, and also never begrudge their having energy and my not. We're all different, I suppose!