Tuesday, November 26

oh hello there old friends

HEY folks!! I'm so sorry it's been so long(2 months!!) since I wrote you last. I do genuinely intend to write more often, my little crafty friends, and I will! I will! But I don't have the time right now. Again. So I thought I'd just blitz you with photos of the stuff I'm stitching and pondering, and we'll have a real heart-to-heart later. :)
So my little Mr Happy Face Cloud cushions are hopping along nicely, but I am running dangerously low on my blanket stock, so I'll be hitting Le Opportunity Shops tomorrow for some bargains... But here's a little squiz of some of the little cloud friends.

Now my next crafty venture is once again a case of desperation spurring on creativity. I've been looking for cute pillowcases for ages, colourful ones, so as not to show up the smeared mascara and fading hair dye(charming!!) and I really wanted some sort of vintage-y/floral themes. As is my wont. So after looking for months in random homewaresy sort of shops, and finding nothing I liked, and then looking online and finding nothing in my price bracket(gulp!) I thought I'd just rustle up some of my own. Of course, then I went and embroidered little critters on them. As is my wont. And I can't stop making them! They're straight forward and easy(ish) and fun. I was going to give them away as Christmas prezzies, but I'm having my usual oh-my-gosh-no-one-will-want-this-crap panic(and just to prove it's not in my head, I got given back one of my 'precious creations' from last year's Handmade Christmas, so this year I'm buying everyone stuff from a Westfield affiliated mall!), so I thought instead I'll see if I can flog them at one of the various Christmassy markets. So you might see them there, or if not, online at Felt. I'll let you know when/if I'm listing any. :) Or you can request them of course. Anyway, pillowcases, a sample:

 Secret Squirrel: there are also some pacmen and little pac-ghosts sketched up ready for stitching, so they'll be joining the pillowcase ranks soon!

Alright girls and boys, that's all I have time for tonight! I have to plan some lessons for the kidlets tomorrow(well, not really 'plan' so much as print out huge amounts of Christmas Tree and Gingerbread Men resources from the interwebs HURRAH), have a shower(it's been, you know, a few days...) and crash into bed, to sleep for a couple of hours... As is my wont.


Tina said...

Good to hear from you again. Those are very cute clouds! Funny and a bit rude you got a gift back. I hope they were not claiming to have made it themselves...
It was cool to see some of your products in the Parenting mag a while back. Well done.

Gill @ Mudbird Ceramics said...

Your cloud cushions & stitched pillowcases are gorgeous!! So clever. I'm sure they'll sell very well xx

kimberlee said...

getting your craft on again! nice:) cute clouds too!