Thursday, September 18


Do you know what? I actually wasn't updating my blog because I didn't have any photos to upload. How silly. So I have repented of that, and here I am. Exciting things in my craft life at the mo: have finally figured out a design for comfy easy-to-make ring shanks, so that is sorted, I just have to start making quantities! Also have done a bunch of new pendants on chain, they look so great and am really excited about them. My themes at the mo are Peter Pan and his fairy kingdom, and of course animals all shapes and sizes. I can't wait to show them off! Also, very exciting, I am throwing a ring-making party. . . I had so many ring bases that I ordered off the magnificent etsy, and seeing as I am moving onto making my own ring bases, I didn't know what to do with them! The first(I foresee - hopefully - that they will become a regular part of the service I provide) will be on Saturday the 18th, so if you're interested, email me at and I will send you a copy of the invite. If you're really interested but won't be free that night, then please email me anyway, and we can set up another one - maybe at your house - like tupperware but without the scary plastic branding! Also if you are in the auckland area and would be interested in being added to an emailing list - no spam I promise - so that you can recieve regular updates of where and when I am selling my goods, then email me. And if you're none of the above, still email me! also also also . . . that is it for now, I am running away to Matamata for a church camp this weekend, with my husband and two delicious offspring, and we're catching the bus! I foresee drama. Hope your weekend wherever you are, ios slightly less harrowing. love.

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