Wednesday, October 15

all the bits

Hi all, sorry for being such a slack slack blogger, what can I say? Every time I sit down at the computer I have either a baby starting crying, or someone climbing over me requesting that we look up cats on trade me! So everything including emails and banking, oops, is neglected. Now, down to some business. I am going to list a bunch of upcoming events that I am lucky enough to be attending, most of them in the north of auckland, but maybe worth a trip? I am especially excited about the Artisan markets being held in Helensville, run by the very new Art Centre up there, go Sarah! so here they are:
Saturday 18th October, 8pm, My House: Ring-making Party!: Entry $5, come and get crafty in good company. Email me at if you're interested in coming - or in hosting your own!
Thursday 6th November, 7.30pm, Silverdale School Hall: Silverdale Kindergarten Shopping Night: $5 entry fee, fundraising for the kindy, with lots of goodies on display - this when everyone in silverdale does their christmas shopping.
Saturdays 8th November & 6th December, 9.30am, Helensville Art Centre: The Art Centre Artisan Markets: lots of new and arty goodies, everything is original work!
Okay, that's all for now, hopefully a craftwerk too soon! Here are my latest bits and pieces:

here is a selection of rings, and a sneaky peek into the creation of a ring "shank" or base.
Note please: The little yummy button stack ring in the front row(white, green and red) was designed by my great friend Joy Patterson, who played around with some buttons in various combinations and then passed them on to me! Full credit Joy, and of course 50% profit on sale! The pictures at the top(still haven't figured out quite how to work the layout here) are of a finished ring base, one of my new perspex/leatherette/collage pendants(do not be afraid, they come as earrings also!) and a close up of some little rings, button stack included.
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Unknown said...

the black bear one is so rad!

Kirsten said...

Pleased to see you ventured back into land of the blog! Hope you had fun at ring making party tonight! Looking forward to seeing everyones creations!!

Cupcake Joy said... mean Joy Marshall ;) I still think of you as Rachel Pattemore half the time...and you've been married 5 years! I should know better ;)