Thursday, November 20


Birthday birthday birthday. . . people don't tend to give me jewellery for gifts because they assume that because I make my own, my yen for all things dangly and wearable has been satisfied. It has not!!! Attention all, jewellery is still a great present to give to a jewellery designer. :) Anyway, I am going to spend the day trawling shops in Ponsonby and K' rd, with my two angels(I hope) in tow. And because I can't spend any more money on myself(is it just me or does it just feel bad to buy stuff for yourself on your birthday - unless it was given to me for that purpose) I will be looking for christmas presents. And perhaps a birthday present for my own sweet man who is turning 27 on December 23, and always complains that his birthday gets squished into Christmas. Maybe he needs an early celebration.
On the business side of things, there is only one day left to comment on the previous post(you can comment on this one too - please!) and recieve your own wholesale price catalogue - ONE MORE DAY. And more importantly, only one sleep left till my birthday. OOh, and a wee shoutout to my new fave jewellery girl, 'Annie Blackberry', a Tauranga bling maker whose stuff sells on trademe - go and search for her, she has several special necklaces on sale which I luuuuurve! So if you need to buy me a present(I've heard some people do), go there. Ok. And one last thing(promise), in case you hadn't noticed, I'm really desperate for people to read my blog - and comment! So if you know someone who might enjoy it, please please send them my address.

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Kirsten said...

Happy birthday love! Will have to check out that jewellery maker!