Monday, November 24


Well I have to say that I had a great and truly enjoyable birthday weekend! Thanks to everyone who sent me wee texts and love, and the beautiful gifts and flowers, you are all darlings. And yes, people gave me jewellery! Hurray!
In my craft-life, I am impatiently waiting for a huge amount of chain(for pendants etc) to arrive, it's never entirely certain how things you order online will actually turn out in your hand. Anyway, hopefully this means that I can hang the bazillion (not brazilian) pendants I have made!
It really means a lot when people comment on my work, and although I haven't posted anything comment-worthy today, I'm always happy to hear from you! I need to somehow publicize this blog more, so far I have only one person following it, and had only three responses to my effort last week! EEk! Any ideas are welcome - I need people to see my stuff! happy times.


Kirsten said...

Glad you had such a nice birthday and got spoilt with treats - Did you get any Annie blackberry stuff??? I love her work too so would love to hear about it...
Re getting your name out there - I guess facebook will be a good start.. Maybe you should start an etsy shop too??

heartandcrafty said...

Im scared of etsy. I didn't get any of Annie Blackberry's stuff sadly! One day. have fun at kraftbomb. x x