Sunday, November 30

ice cubes and craft glue

So apart from filling multiple ice block trays with colourful gook, I have been contemplating what to get my husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law for christmas. I've got josh about five presents so far, but it's his birthday as well, on the 23rd, and he always moans that his birthday isn't made a big deal of, so I guess I got some ways to go yet. And as for John and Matt . . . . aargh!
Anyway, in the craft side of life, I have been doing some experimenting for a client - my first personal order from someone - with photos. Usually I have an image that is cut out from a book or poster or card etc, that is on card or paper, which is quite absorbant. However, what I am realizing(I should have known) is that photo paper is NOT absorbent, and as a result I have two half finished pendants which are NOT drying. Usually the paper absorbs whatever doesn't get air-dried, but because it's sandwiched between leatherette and perspex, not much air gets in anyway, so I have a bit of a crisis. I am not sure whether to abandon them and just get a couple of images resined and then wrap those in leather(a bigger pain-in-the-butt than wrapping the perspex) or to persist and hope that they will dry completely. They have definitely come a long way, but am not sure whether I can gamble on them coming all the way. If there wasn't a time pressure, I would be fine, but they are christmas gifts and so need to be finished for my lovely client soon! I have placed them out on a window sill in the sun and am praying that they don't yellow or wrinkle! Eek! Will update you as to the fate of these two poor pendants. In the mean time I will pulverise some more pumkpin for the beautiful Lewis.

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