Friday, November 14

reading list

I was just looking at my blog 'dashboard' and noticed the 'reading list' option - the phrase 'reading list' conjures up long summer afternoons, lying in a hammock with a pile of books I'm dying to read, with hot sticky children curled up asleep in my lap. Who thought I would be able to fit two? Ssh its just a fantasy. . .the luxurious connotations of a 'reading list' do not apply to real life: I have five books beside my bed, a month old magazine only half read(one that I absolutely love and used to devour in an afternoon), a week old magazine about a quarter read, and a brand new one that arrived in the mail a few days ago, still in it's plastic sleeve! If you knew me and my obsessions with glossy magazines full of lustrous photos of all things art, you would know how unusual and sad a tale this pile of un-read beauties tells about me.
I have no time. capital N capital O.
Anyway, on the crafty side, I have had two horrendous markets, one rejection from a market that I actually WANTED to be a part of(so sad- kraftbomb), and several other rejections in the past couple of months. Markets SUCK!!!! So attention everyone, I am downscaling my market involvements, and UPscaling my shop involvements. We are working on a flash catalogue(as in fancy looking, not the website thingy), josh and I, and hopefully business cards and professional looking tags for my jewellery(although I do so love the little leatherette heart-shaped tags. All of this means actually being PROACTIVE(a word that I loathe) and starting to pound the streets for viable selling points. Watch out, quirky-unique-and-gorgous design shops, I'm on my wa!. So far I have 9 shops interested, so let's see what we can do. . .
And somehow I still have to do several loads of washing, some vacuuming and dishes and a whole load of bums to change. . .and READ SOMETHING. Wish me luck.

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