Monday, May 31

Final Flourish

So these are my last new creations.... sounds ominous doesn't it... I entered into a local art festival here, part of which included a fashion show, and decided to create a larger, more booty-ful version of my chunky-link necklaces; i wanted bigger, better, more ostentatious, all part and parcel of fake bling. And I guess I wanted to further blur the lines between craft and fashion and jewelery and sewing.... So these are my monster-chunky-super-luxe necklaces. They are available for sale on or through personal contact with me. The 'smaller'(relatively-speaking) versions cost $140 NZD, and the 'larger'(which double as scarves) $210 NZD.
Of course, if these turn out to be wildly popular, and in turn their smaller more-wearable counterparts, then I will take up the needle and thread, and enter the 'fray'(har har) once more: Ultimately this is where I would have like/would like to take heartandcrafty, into the realm of mixed-media jewelery to the extent where it is impossible to name something as purely jewelery or purely clothing/fashion. So here's to the future, and to really really big things!

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