Sunday, May 23

Temporary Closure

So just to update y'all, personal circumstances have changed in the last few months, and I will no longer have the time or where-with-all to design and create new things of wearability. So it's with a bit of sadness that I announce the closure(hopefully temporarily) of all things Heart & Crafty. The good news? Everything will be at clearance prices, so keep an eye out for bargains! Unfortunately nothing good lasts forever, and the combination of family matters with the bad luck that most of the things I make now no longer form part of a niche market but a heavily competitive and increasingly 'commercialised' 'craft-scene', I have decided that I really can't keep up with the crowd, and with the copy-catters. All is not lost! I still have ideas in my head, but will focus instead on becoming so extremely talented and original in my area that when I do release my new goodies, the world will not know what hit it! Tis called a pipedream... I'll keep you in the loop...

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