Saturday, September 1

To market, to market...

        Well, tomorrow is the Devonport Craft Market, and I'm super pysched about it, aren't you? Lots of my favourite crafters will be there, and it's always a really busy fun time... as a customer that is, I've never been a seller there before! Woot! I've got some new crafty bits that'll be there, in response to feedback from Crafternoon Tea the other week; as well as lots of positive love for my softies etc, I had lots of people commenting on the necklace and earrings I was wearing, which I used to make more of but had kinda eased back on.... well if the people want more jewellery, the people shall get more jewellery! The customers have spoken! :) See, I do listen....
I love this little jug so much, seriously. 

All these lovely little ear droplets will be between $5 and $10 - total bargain!!

           I love these new button necklaces, the buttons sit really well on your décolletage(if you have one), and I LOVE the orange chain... I got it at a market in the Gold Coast, and I only got a metre of it!! What was I thinking! I've never seen any like it in NZ. Sigh. So there are two special necklaces, a button and a heart, with saucy orange links... All my necklaces will be between $10 and $20 - spare change really!

            The other thing I'm excited about is that My Lovely Husband will be my market buddy! Yay! He's the funnest person I can think of to have along, but usually he has to stay home and look after the kids, so this time we got a babysitter! He looks like this:
        Doesn't he just look lovely? :) Yay Josh! 

     Together we're hopefully going to bake up a storm this afternoon(he's the best baker/business analyst EVER!), so we won't be tempted to buy lots of food tomorrow - hah!
         So come along tomorrow to the Devonport Craft Market, Devonport is such a lovely spot to hang out and eat some yummy ricotta pancakes at Mecca, go have a wander on the wharf and then pop in to Clarence House for some local handmade awesome. See you there!

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