Thursday, April 18

The Best of the Interwebs II

A while ago(ok, a good 3 or 4 months ago) I posted some of my fave things that were around on the web-o-sphere, and I was planning to make it a regular thing... but haha, here it is, almost the end of April. Oh well. Best intentions etcetera etcetera.. 

 - Here are 36 little helpful hints for parents from the good people at Buzzfeed. Golden.

- And from a good friend of Buzzfeeds, ye olde Jezebel, 11 Reasons why we all need a healthy dose of Jennifer Lawrence in our lives...

Seriously, I love this girl...

- Ok, not liking what you see in the mirror? You're not alone.

Let's all fly our freak flags ladies!

- Feeling like no one ever listens to you? Check this wee feel-good clip of a small boy hearing his mother's voice for the first time:

- Here are 27 encouraging phrases to help you adequately explain to your child how FREAKING AWESOME AND A MIRACLE OF NATURE they are... instead of the very pointless 'good girl' or 'good boy'

- And finally, I have to confess that I love Mexican Day of the Dead stylistics  and all things sugar skull... so naturally I want these:

Secretly, I'd love to get a rather large and ghoulish sugar skull tattoo somewhere on my sagging shell... but it would have to be somewhere secret squirrel, so as not to raise my darling Gran's eyebrows, or cause a disruption at church.... ;)
Night Night my lovelies.


Michelle said...

LOL...can't wait to check out all of these links...not sure about those nails! Love that first image...took me back my childhood. We always wore one of those funny hats when our hair was getting washed!!!!!

Rachel Osborne said...

Thanks Norfolk Exposure! :) I think we had similar shower caps in Thailand, back in the day!

Melissa @ said...

My husband and I love Sugar Skulls too, he actually has our family tattooed on his ribs in sugar skull style : )