Tuesday, December 31

Authentic Year in Easy Picture Format

Ok so after spouting all that lovely prose, here is the year in pictures: what I did, tried, ate, enjoyed, and who I cuddled.

Some of the People I Hugged or saw Hugging in 2013:

 Brothers and sisters; sons and dad; sisters and brothers; daughters and dads

Food that We Enjoyed Heartily: 

 Note: I worked really hard to increase my coffee intake this year. It was really hard.

 Hairstyles that We Tried Out, and You Should Too:

 Pink, it was everything I imagined it would be; Buns, because everyone loves buns; Baldness, because we'll all be bald eventually so why not now?; The Mop, but don't laugh like she did.

New Things I Tried or Continued Trying:

 Tattoos, Half-Marathons, Crochet, Clouds, A Weird Kids Magazine, More Tattoos, Sewing with a Baby on my Lap, Having Lots of Flowers, Chasing Uncles and Brothers.

Outfits We Tried:

Needs no explanation really, just, wearing lots of neon colours and things on our heads and faces. You Should Too.

So Long 2013 and Thanks for All The Fish !!!

1 comment:

Cat said...

oh the giggles
thank you and happy new year hon
see you can crochet!
love love love my cloud cushion !! !! !!
and pink xxx