Thursday, January 10

The Best of The Interwebs

    I thought I'd better follow that depressing post with a fun one ASAP, because you are no-doubt feeling slightly more glum than you were before, so here you go, an impromptu round-up of things that are making me laugh today, Thursday the 10th of January. Not all necessarily new and hot-off-the-press, but altogether awesome and worth sharing.

24 reasons we ALL love cats: I could watch this again and again. How are cats so awesome and stupid all in one? How?

How to Make Continuous T-Shirt Yarn  by:-jessicabarst
Are you wondering what to do with those crappy old t-shirts you FINALLY snuck out of your husbands drawers? Can't bring yourself to throw away your ex-girlfriend's tees? This is beautiful and cute and easy, yay!

Are you a lady? Did you birth a baby or two out of your bits? Feeling like you could kinda wring their necks right now? This is a slightly creepy and altogether beautiful fact about our children ALWAYS BEING WITH US....

Ladies we love:
male celebs as women 6 Im sorry, but now this is happening (33 Photos)
This. That is all I can say. Just this.

If you have not seen this video, you must, you must. The song is genius, the music video is even better. I need to watch it every day as part of my self-medication. Warning, it's got some swears. But they're good ones.

Hope you have a happy Thursday.


Leonie said...

Very funny Rachel - i did a lot of laughing just then :) Keep smiling :)

Cat said...

THIS - omg tears rolling down cheeks !!

Hope you got my message re Friday?

Rachel Osborne said...

haha tanks guys :)

meg said...

I've been enjoying that song on the radio for a while but never thought to look it up (I can never remember artists names) so yay thanks!